Mercedes-Benz Bus Reveal Show

February 2016

Istanbul, Turkey

The Mercedes-Benz Travego bus launch show in Istanbul received a standing ovation and praise from the head of Mercedes-Benz dealership in Turkey. The dazzling multimedia performance was made by Front Pictures and Freckled Sky in cooperation with Kozar Dance Theatre for Capital Events‬.
The interactive holographic dance, 3D video content, and projection onto a 48x8m projection scrim were powered by our own Screenberry server. All the elements were synchronized with complex stage lighting.

Event concept and implementation: Capital Events Turkey
Producers: Val Syganevich, Natasha Syganevich, Katya Korobko

Concept: Vasya Kozar & Freckled Sky
Art Direction: Freckled Sky & Front Pictures
Choreography Direction: Vasya Kozar

Video Engineering & Content Production: Front Pictures
Video Direction: Tais Poda (Front Pictures)
Project Manager: Irina Zhivotko (Front Pictures)
Composing and Animation: Alexander Kirchu (Front Pictures), Slava Yaroslavskiy (Front Pictures), Eugene Pylinsky

Soloist: Anton Kaplun
Dancers: Kozar Dance Theatre - Anna Yednak, Alisa Zaitseva, Iryna Lysenko, Oleksii Kucherenko, Mark Tokar, Pavel Simakin

Software & Technologies: Screenberry by Front Pictures

Technical Director: Natalka Zheludova
Technical Support: Dmytro Andruschenko
Lightning Director: Evhen Andruschenko
Video-control: Vladimir Zibarov (Front Pictures)
Administrator: Alena Astakhova
Сostumes: UBERlove by Victoria Nozhenko
Music and Sound Design: Alex Cherny